August 1, 2008

After arriving in town we tried to make reservations at Andy’s Bistro but they didn’t have an opening. So our second choice was Fiddle River. I’m so glad we went here. I loved the restaurant and the menu was unique. We ordered the Moroccan Dates stuffed with feta cheese as an appetizer. These were actually really good. Rabbit Stew ($26) for Sean and the Vienna Schnitzel ($23) for me. I had a beer ($5) and Sean had a Martini ($7). Cheesecake for dessert ($8.50). The Schnitzel was good but I had it at the Chateau in Lake Louise and it was better so this was a little disappointing. Sean loved the rabbit stew. It was so nice to walk to the hotel from the restaurant after the 20 minutes from Moraine Lake.

Recipe for Amaretto Martini:
1/2 vodka
1/2 amaretto
lemon concentrate
sugar as needed



August 1, 2008

I thought I wanted to walk on a glacier but when we arrived, all I wanted was food. The hike up to Parker’s Ridge made me so hungry. We hadn’t eaten lunch. We stopped at the Icefields to get something to eat. The welcome center was very nice and offered accomodations and two restaurants. We ate in the cafeteria which was open for lunch. I got a hamburger, fries, and a slice of chocolate cream pie and a coke ($15) and Sean had a chicken sandwich, a slice of blueberry pie and a Sprite ($12). We also picked up some cookies and candy bars. I wouldn’t recommend eating here but it is convenient.

I was still hesitant about the whole glacier experience and Sean was exhausted so we headed, one again, toward Jasper.


July 30, 2008

We are driving to the whitewater rafting place and need to be there by 1 PM. We always have to add 20 minutes to our driving time since we are staying off the beaten track at Moraine Lake Lodge. We left about noon. Lunch was provided, hamburgers or chicken sandwich, potato salad, macaroni salad, and cake for dessert. Water and iced tea was available too.

Our tour was the Ultimate Whitewater Adventure ($149 pp) where we raft the whole river, 27km. About 3 hours on the river. The location was near the other rafting company but Hydra has access directly to the river (no driving to an access point). There was a lunch area with picnic tables and the food was good. There was a community changing room and bathrooms. That setup was pretty much the same as the Wild Water Rafting company.  

The next time we go rafting I would bring a backpack for me and one for Sean (separate changing areas). Dry under clothes. Warm clothes to change into if it’s cold outside. Towels. Comb and headband and hat to pull wet hair back. Water for dehydration and granola bars for hunger. Long afternoon.

I liked our guide Brian. He was raised in Ann Arbor, MI and moved around a bit. He studied at U of Michigan, Amer. Literature. Lives in Golden. Our raft had seven – 3 Germans, 2 Swiss and 2 from Chicago. We did the whole river – upper, middle and lower. This trip was really fun. I always get nervous being out so long, not knowing what will happen, etc. but this was a really great experience.

I was really cold, the temperature outside was around 50-60 degrees and overcast. Some rain, a little sun. The water about 40 degrees. The scenery was gorgeous and rapids were super fun! It would be nice to have a waterproof camera to take along for pictures, but you would need to strap it on somehow so it didn’t fall in the water.

I liked Hydra better than Wild Water because we didn’t have to keep getting down in the boat every time a wave hit and I liked that the guides sat in the back rather than the middle. I was able to see the whole way.

At the end of the tour, we were allowed to float in the water, which I did, and really liked it! It was about 30 minutes drive back to base. Sean didn’t feel well after the rafting – diabetes, dehydration, allergies – we got back to the room around 7 PM (12:00 PM -7:00 PM is a long day).