August 2, 2008

After our tramway afternoon, we headed back to town to shop a couple of stores we missed earlier and read some dinner menus. We originally had reservations for Andy’s Bistro but¬†their menu was a little too extreme for me. We settled at Evil Dave’s. We had a very good meal here and it was reasonably priced. We definitely over ate because we missed lunch.

Forbidden Fruit Martini’s were ($9) and a beer was ($6). We had the Lollipop Shrimp as an appetizer ($12). Sean got potato soup ($7) and I had a Caesar salad ($9). Sean ordered meatloaf for dinner which¬† was the best he ever had ($22.50). i ordered the Riddler (pasta dish with steak) which was very good ($22.50). For dessert we ordered Pecan Pie ($6.50) and Wicked Cheesecake ($7.50). And yes, we ate it all. We rolled our way back to our Park Place Inn across the street.



August 1, 2008

After arriving in town we tried to make reservations at Andy’s Bistro but they didn’t have an opening. So our second choice was Fiddle River. I’m so glad we went here. I loved the restaurant and the menu was unique. We ordered the Moroccan Dates stuffed with feta cheese as an appetizer. These were actually really good. Rabbit Stew ($26) for Sean and the Vienna Schnitzel ($23) for me. I had a beer ($5) and Sean had a Martini ($7). Cheesecake for dessert ($8.50). The Schnitzel was good but I had it at the Chateau in Lake Louise and it was better so this was a little disappointing. Sean loved the rabbit stew. It was so nice to walk to the hotel from the restaurant after the 20 minutes from Moraine Lake.

Recipe for Amaretto Martini:
1/2 vodka
1/2 amaretto
lemon concentrate
sugar as needed


July 31, 2008

After our adventurous afternoon, we went back to our room and read on the balcony. It was chilly so I wrapped the big wool blanket around me for warmth. Perfect. Dinner was at Walliser Stube, a Swiss-German restaurant at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. We did a little fondue, a little German. We did a Dinner for Two ($79). Tasty breads and yummy salads to start. Then a seafood fondue with shrimp, salmon, and scallops with dipping sauces. The entree was weiner schnitzel and veal stew. Then a chocolate fondue ender including banana bread, marshmallows, and fruit. It was fun and good but I think I’ve had my fill of fondue.

The Grizzly House in Banff is also fun for fondue, a little more reasonable and very casual.