August 1, 2008

It was hard to say ‘good-bye’ to Lake Louise because I didn’t get to everything I wanted to. Friday morning the weather was awful. It was pouring. We stopped at the Samsone Mall and picked up two rain jackets ($5) just in case we needed them for hiking. We filled up the tank and headed north. It continued to rain. I was so disappointed. I wanted to stop at so many attractions along the way. I had a great tour map of sites to see along the way. As we drove, the rain seemed to lighten then stop. We took a short break at “The Crossing” and mid-point between Lake Louise and Jasper.



July 31, 2008

We ate breakfast then read for little while in the morning. Our plan was to head to Emerald Lake. We had one stop to make before heading out – buy fleece – it was pretty cold yesterday while rafting and it would have been nice to have a fleece. We stopped at the Samsone Mall and purchased one for me and one for Sean ($50/ea)