August 2, 2008

We ate breakfast at the Black Sheep Cafe. Sean had the Eggs Benedict and thought they were better than Walker’s ($10). I had 2 eggs, ham, and fruit ($9). My eggs were cooked well and I liked the fruit option over potatoes.

We shopped a bit in the morning and looked at brochures for tours hoping to take a tour before we checked out of the hotel in the AM. We were hoping to get a tour to see the wildlife in the area but it didn’t work out with our timing. Two nights doesn’t really work because you spend a day driving, then one day in town, then the next day driving again.

In the afternoon we headed to the Jasper Tramway. It took 10 minutes to get there. We waited 20 minutes in line to purchase our tickets. Tickets are $25/pp but someone gave us vouchers for free tickets because they couldn’t wait. After buying the tickets, we were assigned a time. There was a 60 minute wait but the it was a nice afternoon. We should have brought a book. The mountain was cold and visibility wasn’t great due to clouds. We hung out for awhile and hiked a bit. We took some pictures. Some people went in flipflops!

I really can’t recommend the Jasper Tramway. It’s fine to do but I would have preferred to see more in Jasper, like Malign Lake and Cavell Meadows.



July 31, 2008

We ate breakfast then read for little while in the morning. Our plan was to head to Emerald Lake. We had one stop to make before heading out – buy fleece – it was pretty cold yesterday while rafting and it would have been nice to have a fleece. We stopped at the Samsone Mall and purchased one for me and one for Sean ($50/ea)